Quality of Table Top
2.9 / 5
Strength of Frame
3.5 / 5
Extra Features
3.7 / 5
4.7 / 5
Overall Score
3.8 / 5


Great price, stable frame, easy assembly


Cheap materials throughout, especially the table top

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As Joola's most budget-friendly full sized table, the Joola iPong Intro Table Tennis table is routinely priced under $350. Black Friday sales have discounted this table even more down to around $200. These are insanely good deals for a full sized table and you probably won't be able to find prices that low from any other brand. Unfortunately, the low price does come with a few major downsides and many players may want to pay a bit more for a table with better quality materials.


  • 5/8inch (15mm) Table Tennis Laminate PVC Top
  • Dual safety locking devices; 2 separate halves with 4 wheels per half for easy mobility and compact storage
  • Includes Net and Post

The Joola iPong features a 5/8 inch (15 mm) PVC laminate playing surface. It's made up of a laminate and composite material that is playable but does not give a consistent bounce like other more expensive Joola tables. It is held up by four 1 inch diameter steel outer legs that have adjustable feet so you can level table even if you're setting it up on an uneven surface. The frame itself is actually surprisingly sturdy and heavy-duty for a table that is this cheap. The steel support beams and legs make for a pretty stable playing surface.

Two Separate Halves

The table is made up of two completely separate halves, each is equipped with four 1 1/2 inch (38mm) wheels. This makes the table easier to move and to store because each half can be stored and moved into place separately. Other tables with connected halves can be much more difficult to move.

It also simplifies the construction and assembly process. Due to the fact that table is really just two separate rolling halves, the initial setup takes most people under 30 minutes to complete. There aren't complex locking and folding mechanisms, just Joola's simple trundle system that allows the table to be easily folded up for storage. The table does come with a net and post system that clamps and can be easily removed from the table for storage as well.

Joola iPong Folded

One problem with the separate half construction is that sometimes the halves can separate during play and you will need to reset the net and the two table halves together. This is a minor annoyance but still worth mentioning if you're an aggressive player.


The biggest downside of the Joola iPong Intro table is the table top. It's made of a cheap particle-board-like PVC laminate and layers of inexpensive composite wood. Similar to plywood, the surface is straight and flat but it definitely has a cheap feel to it and a "tinny" bounce that more experienced players would not appreciate.

Many customers have complained that the playing surface is easily scratched and some even mentioned that the table arrived with scratches already on the top itself. Some have also reported quality control issues where specific assembly holes do not line up correctly and because of this the table cannot be properly put together. With extremely inexpensive tables like this, issues with the manufacturing process are common so it's definitely something you should consider before purchasing.


The Joola Ipong Intro table is a table tennis table for the extremely budget-conscious buyer. It's not a table that will last a long time, nor will it offer a tournament quality bounce and playing experience. But it is so affordable that to many prospective buyers, this table could actually be a really good buy. If you're looking for a simple, cheap, full-size table for the absolute cheapest price out there, this might be a good table for you. If you'd like a table with a better playing surface that will last for many more years, I'd consider the Joola Inside Table or the Joola Nova DX.