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4.8 / 5
Overall Score
4.8 / 5


Amazing spin and control, quality construction, great value


Speed/power could be better

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The Eastfield Allround is a new paddle from a relatively new brand in the table tennis world: Eastfield Sporting Goods Company. Eastfield is focused exclusively on premium table tennis equipment and also has a strong emphasis on fashion and design in their products. This is a refreshing break from the status quo.

Eastfield's first pre-assembled paddle, the Allround, is a great example of the company's commitment to quality and design. The Eastfield Allround features a classic 5-ply all wood blade, premium A-Soft 2.1mm rubbers, and a flared handle for added comfort. This paddle is aimed at beginner to intermediate players and has an emphasis on control rather than speed and power. This paddle is ITTF approved and can be used for tournament play.

Eastfield Allround on Box


  • Weighs 190 grams
  • Comes with Eastfield A-Soft 2.1mm rubbers provide spin and stability
  • Features the Eastfield Allwood 5-ply blade offers exceptional control and feeling
  • Save $20 compared to buying the blade and rubbers individually
  • Speed = 6/10, Spin = 8/10, Control = 10/10

Overall Construction

The Eastfield Allround combines the Eastfield A-Soft 2.1mm rubbers and Eastfield Allwood 5-ply blade into a very nice package. One key differentiator of Eastfield is that their paddles are cut, glued and assembled by hand rather than being mass-produced on an assembly line like most paddles at this price point. This makes the Allround feel a lot more like a custom paddle and also should cut down on errors and defects in the manufacturing process. It's hard to say with such a new paddle, but hopefully, the hands-on assembly process pretty much eliminates the quality control issues we are used to seeing from other major brands.

Upon opening the box, the overall balance and build-quality of the paddle really stand out. For a pre-assembled paddle under $60, the level of craftsmanship is impressive. The flared handle of the Eastfield Allround also feels very comfortable, and the paddle has a certain heft to it that made us really excited to try it out.

Playing Experience

After playing for just a short time with the Eastfield Allround, we were immediately impressed with the level of control and consistency with this paddle. We were able to easily place the ball where we wanted, while also being able to effectively block and chop the ball. The sponge and blade together produce a very consistent bounce that is really ideal for players still working on their fundamentals. Loops and smashes were equally consistent and we found after just a couple hours with the Allround, we had gotten used to it and did not want to put it down.

Eastfield Allround Blade and Rubbers

The Eastfield A-Soft 2.1mm rubbers on the Allround are equally impressive. They are able to generate a significant amount of spin, much more than other paddles in the $50-$75 price range. These premium rubbers combined with the consistency and control of the blade and sponge make the Eastfield Allround a perfect combo for beginners and intermediate players. Without limiting the ability to put some serious spin on the ball, the Allround enables you to play defensively against more skilled opponents.

Eastfield Racket Case

To protect your Eastfield Allround, we highly recommend the Eastfield Original Table Tennis Racket Case. It is a great example of the company's sense of style and commitment to quality. We were extremely impressed with this case and we can safely say that it's the best bat case we've seen so far.

Eastfield Racket Case


Overall the Eastfield Allround is a fantastic paddle for the beginner or intermediate player. It will enable you to play with much more control and consistency which is the best way to get better. While the blade does not offer a lot of speed or power, this is not something beginners should be worried about. The emphasis on control and spin will help you improve your skills so you can elevate your game to the next level.