Quality of Table Top
3.4 / 5
Strength of Frame
3.9 / 5
Extra Features
4 / 5
4.8 / 5
Overall Score
4.5 / 5


Best budget outdoor table, great value at this price


Table top is thin, possible quality control issues

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The Joola Nova DX is an outdoor table tennis table with a 6mm table top made of aluminum plastic composite that is extremely durable. The composite top is rust resistant and allows it to stand up to temperature and humidity changes. The table also has 2-inch heavy gauge welded steel legs that are very sturdy.

The best feature of this table is the price. This is by far one of the least expensive outdoor tables you will find anywhere. The Joola DX very competitively priced and offers a suprisingly high level of quality and extra features at this price point. For an intermediate player, this is the perfect table that will offer a good playing experience for recreational use but won't cost you an arm and a leg. It's clear that this is a great value purchase and it's no wonder why it's consistently a best seller on Amazon.


  • Comes with Rust Resistant, Powder Coated Metal Undercarriage and Trolley System with Four Durable Wheels/ Outdoor Net
  • Foldable- Two Piece- For Playback- Simply Leave One Half Folded
  • Safety Features: Locking Casters, Locking Halves When Folded Down for Play, and Anti-Tilting Devices
  • Joola Outdoor Table Tennis Table Dimensions: Regulation Size of 9ft x 5ft / Assembled Weight: 121 lbs
  • Features a 6mm Table Top Made of Aluminum Plastic Composite


The Joola Nova DX is designed specifically as an outdoor table and it's clear that Joola put some effort into making it impervious to weather conditions and normal wear-and-tear. Both sections of this table are equipped with 4 durable wheels that allow you to easily move the table into position. It supports playback mode which is nice for solo play when you want to fold up one side to play against.

The top itself is only 6mm or about 1/4 inch thick. However, it is constructed of a plastic and aluminum composite material that is weatherproof and provides a pretty consistent bounce. The entire table is reinforced with a 2 inch heavy gauge welded steel undercarriage to keep it stable during play and prevent warping. It also comes equipped with sturdy 2 inch welded steel legs that help keep it level and give you a solid, consistent playing surface. The legs also feature large, durable wheels that each have the ability to lock to give you extra stability.

While the table top is weatherproof and the chassis and legs are built with solid welded steel, covering your table when not in use is still a smart decision. Something that protects your table from dust, scratches and the elements is relatively inexpensive and can protect your investment for years to come. I recommend this cover for the Joola Nova DX.


A great thing about the Joola Nova DX is that the initial assembly is super easy. All you need to do is attach the legs, that's it. All the hinges and other components will ship to you pre-assembled. You should definitely make sure to inspect your table for damage during shipping though. With something of this size, damage can be common and you should not sign for a package that was damaged in transit.

Potential Downsides

With a budget table like this, there are often issues with quality control and consistency of the manufacturing process. Often times components from the factory are not as precise as they should be and with a table this inexpensive there can be slight things that are off about this table. A common complaint of the Joola Nova DX is that the two table halves are not level, so you can see a noticeable dip from one side to the other. This type of problem isn't a huge deal for recreational play but for more competitive players it can be an issue.


The Joola Nova DX seems at first glance like a super cheap table for the budget-concious. However, in reality its a high quality table that is extremely versatile. It is light and easy enough to be able to move it inside for play during the winter months, yet also weatherproof and durable enough to be taken out during the summer. It offers a surprisingly sturdy construction with heavy-duty materials and comes in $100-200 below the competition for a table in this class. It offers a great value and I highly recommend it.