Quality of Table Top
4.0 / 5
Strength of Frame
4.2 / 5
Extra Features
4.4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Overall Score
4.3 / 5


Quality frame, heavy duty construction


Overal quality could be better, bounce is just ok

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The Stiga Vapor Table Tennis Table is a regulation sized outdoor table that features a sturdy steel frame and 6mm (1/4-inch) thick aluminum composite top with silk screened white lines to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The Stiga Vapor is a very affordable, mid-range outdoor table tennis table that is designed for recreational players.


  • Outdoor Tennis Table Dimensions: 107.87in x 60in x 29.92in (Assembled); 68in x 60in x 62in (Playback); 28in x 60in x 62in (Storage Position)
  • 6mm Blue Top With Silk Screens
  • 3/4in Ball Bearing Casters
  • 1.5in Steel Apron; 1.5in Steel Legs and 30mm Leg Levelers
  • Steel Legs And Leg Levelers and Anti-tilting Action For Improved Bounce Quality
  • Enjoy 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty. 90 percent pre-assembled. Installs in minutes.

Table Construction

What stands out most about the Stiga Vapor is the heavy duty steel frame and undercarriage. The frame of the Stiga Vapor is made up of 1.5-inch thick square steel legs that connect with cross beams to maximize the weight-bearing supports of the table. A 1.5-inch steel apron connects the undercarriage to the table top and allows for an even and consistent bounce across the playing surface. Also, each of the 1.5-inch legs comes with a leg-leveler which will help to make sure the playing surface is perfectly flat even on uneven terrain.

Weighing in at 140 pounds, the table is not easy to maneuver. However, each of the four 3/4-inch casters for each half of the table do allow the table to be rolled when folded up in the storage position. The entire frame of the Stiga Vapor is powder coated to prevent rust. This treatment allows the table to be stored outside and be exposed to the elements without fear of impacting the playing experience. Additionally, the 6mm (1/4-inch) playing surface is made of an aluminum composite material that will not warp or bend in the rain and wind.

Stiga Vapor Top

Overall the Stiga Vapor is a solidly constructed table. The extremely well-built frame is very impressive for a table at this low of a price point. It’s also important to note that the Stiga Vapor is essentially two free-standing table halves that can be pushed together. This makes storage easier as each table half can be stored and moved independently.

Playing Experience

When playing on the Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table, you will definitely notice how sturdy and solid the frame feels. This is a drastic difference when compared with more cheaply made tables that wobble and bend during more aggressive games. The biggest downside of the Stiga Vapor is the quality of the bounce. Similar to other outdoor tables, the same things that make an aluminum composite playing surface weather resistant also make the bounce feel different than the traditional MDF material on indoor-only tables. While the Stiga Vapor doesn’t feel any worse than most mid-range outdoor tables, it certainly takes some adjusting to get used to.


The assembly process for the Stiga Vapor Outdoor is very straightforward. The only pieces to assemble are the wheels that bolt on to each table half and the net itself. Some customers have complained that all the required bolts were not sent in shipping, so this is something to watch out for. Regardless, the assembly process is very easy and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes in total.


The Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table is a good outdoor table that offers a heavy, rugged frame and good weatherproof components at a very good value. This table does not have the greatest bounce and definitely wouldn’t be a good choice for a competitive player, but for recreational play, it offers a decent playing experience. The weight of the table might make it hard and dangerous for younger children to move so this may not be a great choice for families with young children.