Posted On August 25th 2016

Seattle started installing ping pong tables in city parks. They discovered that this made crime drop significantly. Do Ping Pong tables really deter criminals?

Posted On August 17th 2015

If you already own a pool table or other large table, and don't have space for a dedicated ping pong table, it might make sense to go with table tennis conversion top that slides over your existing table.

Posted On July 10th 2015

If you just don't have the space for a full regulation size table, a smaller, more portable sized ping pong table might be just what you need.

Posted On June 29th 2015

Whether its outside in the warmer months or rolled into the garage during colder months, these tables will let you to play all year round.

Posted On June 22nd 2015

This is a list of the best ping pong tables that are priced close to or below the $500 mark.

Posted On March 23rd 2015

The size of a table tennis table is best described with a picture, this is a guide to the various dimensions of a regulation ping pong table.