Quality of Table Top
3.9 / 5
Strength of Frame
4.3 / 5
Extra Features
4.4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Overall Score
4.3 / 5


Very durable chassis, weatherproof throughout


Bounce is just ok

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The STIGA XTR Outdoor table tennis table is a mid-tier weatherproof outdoor table that is specifically engineered to be able to withstand drastic changes in temperature and moisture. It features an aluminum composite top that will resist rust, stand up to sun damage and will not warp when wet for long periods of time. The table is supported by a sturdy powder-coated steel apron and frame and comes with a few pretty nice convenience features.


  • Durable outdoor table tennis table – perfect for the patio or garage
  • Specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the elements
  • Aluminum composite top offers great playability with all-weather performance
  • 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95% preassembled out of the box for quick and easy setup
  • Effortlessly folds into an ultra-compact storage position in seconds with self-opening legs

Table Construction

The high point of the STIGA XTR Outdoor is the aluminum/composite table top. It's a beautiful playing surface that is just good-looking as it is durable. The top is 6mm thick, a pretty standard size for outdoor tables in this price range, and is supported by a thick 1.5-inch tubular steel powder-coated apron to provide a good consistent bounce. The apron connects to large 1.25-inch square steel legs that are also powder-coated to prevent rusting. The frame features welded cross braces on each side of the table for extra stability in addition to adjustable leg-levelers to adapt to uneven outdoor surfaces. Overall the construction is very good, quality materials are used and it seems that STIGA went the extra mile to ensure that the table will stand up to harsh weather conditions.

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Surface

Playing Experience

One major downside of the STIGA XTR Outdoor is that the bounce definitely feels like an outdoor table. This is common with most outdoor tables that have aluminum/composite tops because the same materials that allow the table to withstand harsh weather conditions make the bounce feel "tinny" and not the same as a traditional indoor table with an MDF top. It can take some time to adjust to the different feel of this type of table and after the adjustment period, it can start to feel normal again. However, it should be noted that this is true with all but the most expensive weatherproof outdoor tables and not unique to the STIGA XTR Outdoor.

Extra Features

The STIGA XTR Outdoor table tennis table comes with some convenient extra features that separate it from some of the lower budget outdoor tables available. The STIGA XTR Outdoor comes with self-opening legs that automatically fold out when each table half is folded down. This is nice because outdoor ping pong tables tend to be moved around a lot and manual opening legs can be dangerous and cause damage to the table. The STIGA XTR also comes with high-quality 3-inch ball-bearing wheels with locking mechanisms to allow the table to glide over most surfaces and stay stable during play. The best extra feature of the STIGA XTR is the QuickPlay chassis that allows the table to be easily assembled in only around 10 minutes.

STIGA XTR Outdoor Wheels


Overall the STIGA XTR Outdoor is a very good mid-tier outdoor table tennis table. This table is perfect for families or recreational players that want to enjoy table tennis outside and not have to worry about their table warping or cracking due to harsh weather conditions. It is not, however, a good table for competitive players that want the same competitive level of play of high-end indoor tables. With a quick assembly process, a solid frame and a pretty rugged playing surface, the STIGA XTR Outdoor is a very good outdoor table tennis table.