Quality of Table Top
3.8 / 5
Strength of Frame
3.9 / 5
Extra Features
3.2 / 5
4.7 / 5
Overall Score
4.1 / 5


Pretty solid frame and smart overall design


Made with cheaper components and materials

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The Viper Arlington Indoor Table is an indoor-only table tennis table with a 5/8” MDF top and a surprisingly sturdy construction. The table features an 8 wheel system, four of which having locking capability, and nice 2” rubber wheels that easily glide over carpet or hardwood. Interestingly, the two halves of the table are completely separate pieces. They can be folded up and rolled around separately which makes this table easy to move and store.

The highlight of this table is the price. It’s priced right around the $400 mark on Amazon and often ships for free. This is a tremendous deal for a full sized table with a solid steel frame. While it isn’t an outdoor table, this table is an exceptional value for a budget indoor table for recreational and intermediate players.


  • Rolls easily on eight 2” wheels, four of which include locking system
  • Can be easily folded and rolled away for storage or folded in half for individual practice
  • Indoor table tennis table featuring a 5/8” MDF Top and 1-1/4” frame; 1-1/4” square legs
  • Easy to open-and-use locking system


The Viper Arlington Indoor Table is built with surprisingly heavy duty components and a frame that is surprisingly sturdy. It features beefy 1 1/4” steel legs that support each separate half and a 1 1/4” steel frame that keeps the top stable. The legs are supported with eight 2” rubber wheels, half of which feature an integrated locking system. The feet on each end of the table are adjustable so you can extend them to get the table level. One of the great features of this table is that the table is essentially two separate halves that can be moved around and set up separately. This makes the table construction much simpler and removes the need for many parts that other tables have.

While the Viper Arlington is certainly nothing like a high-end tournament quality table, it offers a solid playing surface for a ridiculously low price. Probably the most obvious sign that this is a budget table is the net fixture that simply clamps onto the table and is not permanently attached in any way. This is definitely not something you see on a high-end table but due to it being two separate halves it actually works pretty well.


A great thing about the Viper Arlington is that assembly is very easy. Customers say it takes less than 30 minutes to put together because the table has a very simple construction.

Potential Downsides

One of the positives of this table is also one of it’s downsides. Because both table halves are separate they can tend to get bumped around and misaligned. This is not a huge deal for a table at this low of a price-point, but it can be a minor annoyance to have to readjust the table during normal play. Other downsides include a general lack of quality control and precision when compared to higher end tables. This is definitely not a table for competitive tournament play.


The Viper Arlington Indoor Table is really a perfect budget table for your basement or bonus room. It’s inexpensive but offers a surprisingly good level of quality and construction at this price point. With the added convenience of being essentially two separate tables, the assembly process is easier and storing/moving the table is made more convenient. The slick red and black look is very sharp and makes this table stand out from the competition as a great budget table for recreational players.