Quality of Table Top
4.6 / 5
Strength of Frame
4.7 / 5
Extra Features
4.4 / 5
4.2 / 5
Overall Score
4.5 / 5


Full length ball storage, high quality 1-inch thick top and all steel chassis


Harder to assemble, potential damage during shipment

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The STIGA STS 520 is a tournament-quality indoor table produced by STIGA, a world leader in table tennis for over 70 years. The STIGA STS 520 is similar to the less expensive STS 420 except for the fact that it has a much stronger, and more solid all steel chassiswith heavy duty cross beams for maximum stability during play.


  • Includes a 2.5” powder-coated steel apron
  • Full length integrated ball storage at each table end
  • 1” Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping
  • 2.5” Legs with Leg Levelers and 5” Mag Wheels with Locks
  • 72” Premium Clipper Net and Post System Included
  • wheel locks
  • Corner protectors
  • Self-opening legs
  • Heavy duty
  • For Indoor Use Only

Table Construction

The most impressive thing about the STIGA STS 520 is the frame. The 1-inch thick top is supported by a 2.5” steel apron that gives the ball an even and consistent bounce across the entire playing surface. The apron is powder coated to prevent scratches and rusting. The apron is held up with super heavy duty 2.5 inch steel legs complete with leg levelers to adjust to uneven flooring. Most importantly, the chassis is made of all steel components and supported with heavy duty cross beams that greatly increase the rigidity of the table.

The frame on this table is built for extreme stability and you will definitely notice the difference during heated play. STIGA definitely didn’t skimp on the other components of this table either. The silk-screened 1 inch thick MDF table top and large 5 inch wheels are also top notch.

Playing experience

The STIGA STS 520 plays like one of the nicest tournament quality tables out there. The one thing you’ll notice most when playing on this table is the consistency of the bounce and how their are no dead spots anywhere on the table. You’ll also notice that this table is built like a tank. Once it’s fully assembled and set up, it’ll seem like this table is impossible to move. This nearly 400 pound behemoth is definitely not going to bend or slide during an aggressive rally between two experienced players.

Convenience features

In addition to offering a super sturdy and durable frame, STIGA added many convenience features to the STIGA STS 520. The massive 5-inch Mag Wheels at the end of the table legs are large even by outdoor table standards. They can easiy roll over carpet, tile, cement or any kind of uneven surface making setting up this table even easier. They also can be easily locked during play for added stability

STIGA STS 520 Wheels


Possibly the best convenience feature of the STIGA STS 520, and something that sets it apart from other brands, is STIGA’s patented full length integrated ball storage system. This is probably the most elegant ball storage system we’ve seen on any table out there. It offers storage on each end of the table for about 40 balls and hides them cleanly and securely out of the way during storage and play.

STIGA STS 520 Ball Storage

Assembly process

One of the major downsides of the STIGA STS 520 is the lack of the QuickPlay chassis. Because the SSTS 520 has an entirely steel chassis, it is not as easy to assemble as other STIGA tables. This means that the STIGA STS 520 must be assembled in a the standard way, without getting the benefit of a pre-assembled chassis. While the chassis must be manually assembled, the general assembly process isn’t too bad - taking anywhere between 3 to 5 hours on average. Due to the weight of the components, however, at least two adults is recommended for the initial setup.

Potential downsides

Similar to other super sturdy and heavy tables, a big downside of the STIGA STS 520 can be the shipping process. A few customers have reported that some parts arrive bent or broken. The most common incident is that the plastic corner protectors arrive smashed. This is due to a rough shipping process and these components being smashed under the sheer weight of the heavy steel pieces (the table weights in excess of 380 pounds). Major damage during shipping for this product is very rare and in the event that this does happen STIGA has a pretty good track record of handling customer issues and sending replacement parts


The STIGA STS 520 is a high-end, tournament quality table built with quality materials. The biggest feature of this table is the super heavy duty all steel frame that delivers an exceptional playing experience that is stable and provides a consistent bounce across the entire surface. This table is recommended for experienced players that want to be able to practice and play at a high level in the comfort of their own home.