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Overall Score
3.4 / 5


Inexpensive, quality construction, great colors


Low quality sponge, rubber doesn't give good spin

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The STIGA Pure Color Table tennis racket is an inexpensive, eye-catching paddle that is great for beginners and casual players that want to step up their game. The Pure Color is very well made and offers 3-star rubber, a 5-ply blade and smaller 1.5mm sponge. Similar to the [Titan], it's got a lower quality sponge which can make it difficult to put speed into ball. It does come in four colors ( green, pink, yellow and blue ) which is great for friends and families who each want an easily identifiable racket.

This paddle is ITTF approved so you can use it for tournament play.


  • A Performance-Level Racket with Added Flare
  • Excellent Control with ACS Technology
  • Increased Speed with Crystal Technology that Hardens the Blade
  • 3 Star Rubber, Concave Handle, 1.5 mm Sponge, 5-ply Blade
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 75 Spin: 65 Control: 65

Balance and Overall Feel

The STIGA Pure Color features STIGA's 3 star rubber. This is a low-grade rubber for STIGA paddles, and while still capable of generating some spin, it does not excel at it. Players will notice that the sponge is definitely on the soft side, and this could take some adjustment for players that are used to playing with harder paddles. The soft-sponge makes it a pretty good racket for a defensive-minded player or someone who is really working on improving their ball placement.

The flared concave handle feels solid and is comfortable with a shakehand grip. The paddle feels balanced in the hand even though it's pretty lightweight.


The STIGA Pure Color is an inexpensive, eye-catching racket that is a great choice for beginners and casual players. The soft sponge gives this racket good control, allowing players to consistently place the ball where they want it. It does lack the speed and power of more expensive paddles and does not have rubber that is ideal for putting lots of spin on the ball. It certainly looks great though and is a great choice for friends and families that want uniquely colored paddles.


  • Comes in four eye-catching colors
  • Good control allows for consistent ball placement
  • Good value


  • Low-quality sponge lacks in speed/power
  • Not the best rubber for spin