Quality of Table Top
2.5 / 5
Strength of Frame
3 / 5
Extra Features
3.2 / 5
3.8 / 5
Overall Score
3.2 / 5


Slick look, some nice features


Thin top, small wheels, weak, low-quality frame

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The STIGA Legacy Table Tennis table is one of Stiga's least expensive tables. It's an entry-level indoor-only ping pong table with a 1/2-inch thick table top, 1 1/4 -inch round steel legs, a 1 1/4 -inch steel apron and yellow protectors on the corners. It does come with a net and post set and four small 2-inch double wheels on the base.


  • Entry-level Indoor Table
  • Features a 1/2" Thick Black Table Top with Silk-Screen Striping
  • 1 1/4" Round Steel Legs and 2" Casters
  • 1 1/4" Steel Apron with Yellow Corner Protectors
  • Includes 66" Net and Post Set


The 1/2" thick black table top is definitely on the thin side and doesn't provide the best bounce. It is a table aimed at recreational and beginner players and even for that level of play it's probably just mediocre. The playing surface itself is actually surprisingly good quality. It's a smooth sanded surface with silk-screen printed tournament lines. This is a nice touch for a table in this price range, as the silk screen process removes the need for stickers or paint lines that make the surface smooth and offer better playability.

The table's frame is made up of a 1 1/4 inch steel apron that wraps the entire table. Thick yellow corner protectors add some extra durability and a little bit of flair to this table, depending on your preferences this could be or could not be a good design choice. The main chassis is equipped with a wooden bottom board that runs along the width of the table and meets with two metal cross braces that connect with the four inner table legs. This offers a good level of stability and frame strength.

The four inner table legs have pretty small 2-inch double-wheel casters that look like they were taken from an office chair. We would have hoped that they went with more substantial wheels as these hold the bulk of the table's weight but with budget table things like this are expected. The four outer legs are not adjustable unfortunately, but they do at least have rubber leg caps that will protect the floor from scratches. One great feature is that the outer legs are self-opening so they will automatically deploy to the correct position when opening and closing the table.

STIGA Legacy Folded


The assembly process for the Stiga Legacy is not the easiest nor is it the most straightforward process. Customers have reported that it can take upwards of 3 hours to fully assemble the table, mostly due to how many of the parts there are and how difficult they are to fit together. Many of the problems during the setup process have to do with screws not fitting into the low quality, particle-board-like wood material. You might want to prepare by having some wood glue and a drill handy during assembly.


The STIGA Legacy Table Tennis table is certainly an inexpensive table, but I would not recommend it. It does not have the right mix of features even at this low of a price point, and for around 50 dollars more I think you can get a much better table that not only plays better but will last you twice as long. Stiga makes some great tables, but the Legacy misses the mark for a table in this price range. I would instead recommend the Joola Inside Table Tennis table as a smarter buy, and for only a slightly higher price, you get a big increase in the level of craftsmanship and the quality of materials used.