Quality of Table Top
4.1 / 5
Strength of Frame
3.9 / 5
Extra Features
3.5 / 5
4.4 / 5
Overall Score
4.3 / 5


Super quick setup, quality materials at this price


Lacks cross beam supports for frame stability

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The STIGA Insta Play Table Tennis Table is an extremely popular table due to its quality at this price point. While the table is relatively inexpensive, the design and quality of components make it a great buy. Not only that, but the table also boasts an impressive Insta Play feature that allows you to go from delivery to playing ping pong in just a few minutes.


  • No Assembly Required with InstaPlay Technology
  • 3/4" Thick Black Table Top with Silk Screen Striping
  • 2" Legs and 3" Mag Ball Bearing Wheels with Locks
  • 2" Steel Aprons with Corner Protectors
  • 66" Net and Post Set Included
  • For Indoor Use Only

The Insta Play Feature

The STIGA Insta Play's namesake feature, the "InstaPlay" technology, allows the table to be shipped nearly 100% pre-assembled. This is something that really no other full-sized table can do. The table will be delivered pretty much completely assembled, when it arrives the only assembly required is attaching the net and net posts to the table top - about a 5 minute task.


The STIGA Insta Play Table Tennis Table has 3" ball bearing wheel casters that provide added support and increase mobility. The top of the table is 3/4 inch quality black wood, thick 2" square steel legs and has a 2" steel support apron to provide extra stability. The edge banding and striping along with the black top give this table a very stylish design that is also resilient.

Independent Table Halves

A very unique feature of this table is that it can be divided into two independent table halves. This could be really useful for parties, yard sales or any other use you might have for extra tables. This could be an added bonus if you have a use for it.

Potential Issues

Some customers have complained that there may be some sagging in the middle of the table after a fair amount of wear and tear. This could be an issue if you expect this table could be treated poorly or take some abuse from kids or teenagers. Others have said they have seen warping if the table is stored in an area that experiences high levels of humidity. This is a problem with most indoor tables but definitely something to keep in mind.


Although this table is not ITTF approved, the STIGA Insta Play is a high quality table made by one of the leaders in ping pong equipment, Stiga. It's super convenient that it comes to you pretty-much already assembled. Also it's made with high quality components and for a table at this price point offers a good play surface even for competitive players. The fact that you can split it into two separate tables for use in parties, or to store that way, is an extra added convenience.