Quality of Table Top
4.2 / 5
Strength of Frame
4.5 / 5
Extra Features
4.2 / 5
4.7 / 5
Overall Score
4.4 / 5


Solid frame, easy assembly, quality materials for the price


Table top is not the best

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Killerspin is a company that is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality of table tennis equipment and gear so game enthusiasts can conveniently enjoy a game whether at home or at the office. These tables are meant to be assembled quickly so the action can begin right away. Once the game is over, the Killerspin MyT5 easily folds away so it takes up little space. Through this review, table tennis players can make an informed decision on whether or not this is the table tennis table to meet their needs.


  • Has a 15mm MDF top
  • Separate table halves fold separately to make for easier storage and "playback mode"
  • Safety-locking system to ensure secure placement during play or storage
  • Very easy 15-minute setup with only eight nuts and bolts for quick assembly
  • Specially engineered Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) paint process to reduce glare and ball marks
  • Heavy-gauge white steel frame and legs
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty

Killerspin MyT5 Video

Table Construction

This ping pong table is crafted with a heavy-duty steel frame and legs so it will not bend or buckle even during the most aggressive of matches. Not only does the frame provide a stable play structure, it also ensures the table tennis table will last without corroding or breaking down.

Killerspin not only made sure their table frame was sturdy, they topped it with a 5/8-inch medium density fiberboard and a specially engineered repeat roller coating paint which is the coating found on professional ping pong tables. Not only does this coat keep the table fully protected and looking beautiful, it also offers that killer bounces Killerspin tables are known for.

With smooth rolling 75 mm casters, the table can easily be moved to any area and then locked into place so it is steady and secure while playing. The steel net and post system ensures the net will last just as long as the table without experiencing any loss in strength and durability.

Killerspin MyT5 Side View

Playing Experience

Unlike many cheaply-made table tennis tables, the Killerspin MyT5 is made as a tournament level table and is even used by Killerspin for the many tournaments they host. That being said, some players find the gameplay on these tables is slightly faster than they are used to simply because of the extreme bounce factor this table offers.

Those who have played on tournament level ping pong tables will find the Killerspin MyT5 offers that same feel and consistency. Players who are used to playing on recreational tables may need to adjust their gameplay to become more confident in playing on this high-quality surface.

With the durable finished coating, players can feel free to be aggressive during their games without feeling they will damage the playing surface. The tautness of the net ensures the game stays fair.

Killerspin MyT5 in Storage Position

Convenience Features

The Killerspin MyT5 offers features that make it much easier to use and store away. Not only does the ping pong table easily fold away for storage, it can also be folded into a half table for practice. With this option, players can get their game in even if they do not have someone to play against. Many players love this option since it is not available on most less expensive table tennis tables.

Though the table weighs around 203 pounds, anyone can easily move it simply by unlocking the wheel casters. The table will easily slide to any position and can then be locked in place for complete safety.

The individual leg levelers allow the table to be set perfectly level even on a floor that is not. Within a few minutes, the table can be leveled and ready to be played on.

The Assembly Process

Though some ping pong tables come with expansive instructions and can take hours to assemble, the Killerspin MyT5 is much easier. Most owners report they were able to put their table together in under a half hour and begin playing on it immediately.

There are only eight nuts and bolts that are used to put the table together. With complete instructions, most everyone can have the table installed in a matter of minutes. Installing the legs to putting the net in place should take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes. Even those who are inexperienced find putting this table together is easier than they believed was possible.

Potential Downsides

While there have been very few complaints about the table, there are a couple of areas of concern. When folding the table to play solo, the process can be a little tricky, especially if one is trying to fold the ping pong table themselves. Some people report the instructions for this process are either confusing or completely absent.

Some owners state the net needs to be removed before folding the table away for storage since it can become overly stretched. The net is simple to remove and should only take a couple of minutes. Most people find these two issues very minor in comparison to the quality of the Killerspin MyT5.


Once this table tennis table is assembled, it is easy to see that much thought has gone into the design process. This is not the table you likely played on as a kid. The high level of coating gives just the right bounce will protecting against ball marks that mar its surface.

The assembly process could not be easier even when leveling is involved. Whether you are looking for a recreational or tournament level ping pong table, you are sure to find the Killerspin MyT5 is the highest quality of table you will find on the market in its price range.

Within a matter of minutes, the table can be assembled out of the box and ready to enjoy by the whole family. Even after years of play, this table is sure to stand strong and provide ongoing thrills and excitement as only table tennis can offer.