Quality of Table Top
4.6 / 5
Strength of Frame
3.8 / 5
Extra Features
4.3 / 5
4.6 / 5
Overall Score
4.5 / 5


Solid 1-inch thick top, nice extra features, cheap


Assembly isn't easy, lots of additional parts, frame could be better

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The Joola Triumph 25 also called the Joola Rally 700 is a high-quality midrange indoor table tennis table aimed at beginner to mid-level experience players that are looking for a solid indoor table with good, consistent bounce. This table is strong and heavy duty enough to be an affordable option for schools and/or table tennis clubs as well.


  • Comes with a 25 mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface
  • Supported by a Heavy Duty 50 mm Warp-Resistant Frame
  • Includes Corner Ball Holders for up to Three Balls (Balls Not Included)
  • Includes Detachable Magnetic Scoring Device for Easy Game Scoring
  • Comes With Double Anti-Tilting Device for Increased Safety and Adjustable Rubber Feet to Level the Table
  • Two-Piece Table Folds for Easy Mobility, Playback Mode and Compact Storage

Table Construction

By far the most notable quality of the Joola Triumph 25 is the 25 mm (or very nearly 1 solid inch) of medium density fiberboard (MDF) table tennis top that provides a resilient indoor playing surface with a very consistent bounce.

The 1-inch top is supported with a 1.5-inch resin apron that keeps the table secured to the legs. The heavy duty steel legs are 1.5 inches in diameter and are fully adjustable to be able to adapt to even the most uneven surfaces. The table also features adjustable height levers in addition to the adjustable legs. The center base of the table is held up with heavy duty 2-inch caster wheels that can easily roll over most surfaces. While this is most definitely an indoor table, you should be able to very easily store it in a basement or garage. The adjustable legs and over-sized wheels allow the table to be rolled into position easily and locked into place for a stable playing experience.

Playing Experience

Playing on the the Joola Triumph 25 feels a lot like the Joola Triumph 18 with the main noticeable difference being the quality of the bounce off 25mm top that is nearly 40% thicker than the Joola Triumph 18. The table also in general feels more heavy duty and higher quality than the Triumph 18.

I would say that if the Triumph 18 is the mid-range consumer-level option, the Triumph 25 is the high-end consumer model or "prosumer" option for recreational or competitive players that want a longer-lasting and more heavy-duty table. The Triumph 25 also provides a more competitive playing experience and can withstand more aggressive play making it a good choice for college students and adult players. While it doesn't quite feel like playing on a high-end tournament level table, the Triumph 25 comes very close for such an affordable option.


The Joola Triumph 25 is made up of two interlocking halves which is a really good selling point. Each half can be stored separately and one of the halves can be left in the upright position if you want to practice against yourself. It also comes with safety locking devices to make sure that the table stays sturdy in both playing and storage positions.

The Triumph 25 comes with a resilient high-quality Net and Post Ste that features an adjustable net tension system. This is important to make sure the net is adjusted properly and extends across the width of the table with a consistent height and tension throughout.


At a mid-range price of around $700, the Joola Triumph 25 is a fantastic choice for someone who wants a better-than-entry-level table for a very affordable price. The table is an extremely heavy-duty and features a tournament quality top that rivals tables that cost twice as much. The one thing to consider is that this table is on the heavy side, so it would not be a good choice for younger aged kids. It might be possible but it could be extremely difficult for young kids to move this table into the playing position without the help of an adult.