Quality of Table Top
4.1 / 5
Strength of Frame
4.3 / 5
Extra Features
4 / 5
4.6 / 5
Overall Score
4.3 / 5


Good playing surface, solid frame at this price point


Possible quality control problems, top could be better

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The Joola Tour 1800 is a mid-tier indoor-only table that is equipped with an 18mm thick playing surface ( about 7/10 inch ), 40mm thick ( 1.5-inch ) powder-coated frame and undercarriage and many of the features of Joola's premium tables. Some of the premium features include automatic folding legs, adjustable height levelers and locking caster wheels on each half of the table.

The Tour 1800 is a regulation sized table that uses Joola's famous two-piece design where each half is its own free-standing table. This makes the table much easier to store and maneuver and additionally gives you two convenient multi-use tables that you can use for parties, garage sales, etc.

The Joola Tour 1800 provides a great playing experience for a mid-tier price and is a great choice for an indoor-only table for home use.


  • 18 mm painted table surface
  • 40mm Black powder coated metal undercarriage
  • Automatic folding legs
  • Four locking casters
  • Double anti-tilting device for added safety

Joola Tour Tables Video

Table Construction

The Joola Tour 1800 is very similar to the Joola Tour 2500 in materials and features. The biggest difference being that it's an 18mm (vs 25mm) thick playing surface and that the frame and undercarriage are made of a 40mm (vs 50mm) squared metal.

While it is somewhat lighter than the Tour 2500, the Tour 1800 weighs in at a pretty hefty 226 pounds. It's heavy enough to provide a good, stable playing surface without being so heavy that it's exceedingly difficult to fold and move. The sturdy 1.5-inch frame and undercarriage are built with heavy-duty welded steel and will give the table a much longer lifespan than other competing table tennis tables. The heavy-duty undercarriage is extremely important as it keeps the table from bending in on itself if significant weight is put onto the table. This table can stand up to the full force of someone's weight on top of it without caving in (of course this isn't good for the table). This is not something that can be said about very many tables in the price range and is a good indicator the strength of Joola Tour 1800's chassis.

The table top is noticeably thinner than the Tour 2500, but it still acts a good playing surface with a pretty decent bounce. The consistency of Joola's tables tops is very good and this table is no exception. The topcoat of the table is the result of a long and tedious process of adding layer after layer of polyurethane-based paint. This gives the surface a nice spin-friendly feel, a lively bounce and makes it more resistant to chips and scratches.

Joola Tour 1800 with Folding Legs

Potential Downsides

One of the downsides of this table is that customers have complained about damage during shipment. Usually, this is due to the fact that the shipping company or manufacturer does not correctly pack the table to avoid scratches. A properly packed table faces the playing surfaces inward so that any bumps during delivery don't scratch or dent the table top.

The great thing is that Joola's customer support is top notch and they will be more than willing to correct any mistakes like these. Multiple customers have reported that they've had bad experiences, but they always get corrected. Sometimes Joola even upgrades your product to the next tier up as a sign of good will. They are terrific company and they are passionate satisfaction.


The Joola Tour 1800 is not a high-end premium table tennis table for competitive ping pong players. However, it offers a very sturdy frame and good table top for beginner and intermediate level players. It uses some of the best materials and has some of the best craftsmanship of any table in its price range. If you're looking for a good recreational indoor table that will stand up to abuse and last you a long time, the Joola Tour 1800 may be right table for you.