Quality of Table Top
4 / 5
Strength of Frame
4.3 / 5
Extra Features
4 / 5
4.7 / 5
Overall Score
4.3 / 5


Very easy to assemble, solid frame for entry-level price


Top is definitely not tournament quality

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The Joola Tour 1500 is an extremely affordable, entry-level indoor ping pong table for recreational, beginner and intermediate players. It is very easy to assemble and boasts a 5/8 inch thick MDF table top which is pretty thick for an entry-level table.

  • Assembles in less than 20 minutes
  • 5/8 Inch MDF Blue Painted Table Surface for improved playability and performance
  • Leg levelers help create an even playing surface
  • Two Separate halves allow for easy mobility and compact storage
  • Playback mode compatible
  • Includes tournament grade net and post set

Table Construction

Weighing in at almost 200 pounds, the Joola Tour 1500 has a very solid and stable frame for an entry-level table. The steel frame is actually constructed two entirely separate table halves. They attach together to form the playing surface but after detaching them, they can interlock together or be stored separately. This has the added bonus of allowing you to use the table halves as extra tables for other purposes, such as parties, garage sales or project space.

The steel frame is pretty solid for an entry-level table and includes cross beams and T-Brackets for extra support and stability. The frame is made from pretty heavy duty steel and also comes with a steel apron to keep the MDF top in place. While certainly not tournament quality, the 5/8 inch MDF table top is blue in color and provides decent bounce that is relatively consistent across the playing surface.

Playing Experience

Play on the Joola Tour 1500 is surprisingly good for a ping pong table in this price range. We've found that this table is very maneuverable and extremely easy to set up. Once set up the top offers a consistent bounce throughout, and while it isn't tournament quality, it's top notch for an entry level table.

Joola Tour 1500 Playback

Overall, the table feels very sturdy. The 200-pound frame has enough support to make it feel rigid and not flimsy. We found that sometimes aggressive play can knock the two table halves apart, but it's easy enough to slide them back together. On an uneven surface, it's easy for the table to sag in the middle but we were able to use the leg levelers to easily adjust for this. They allowed us to dial in the playing surface even on an uneven surface in our basement.


One of the best things about the Joola Tour 1500 is how easy it is assembly. The unit ships mostly pre-assembled and only a few pieces need to be put together to be ready to start playing. You simply unfold the legs, attach the T-Brackets for the center wheels and attach the net. It's that simple and the whole process should take no more than 20 minutes on average.


The Joola Tour 1500 is Joola's newest edition to their stable of entry level ping pong tables. It's a solid table that gives the extremely popular Joola Inside Table a run for its money. The 5/8-inch top offers a decent playing experience, but more competitive players may want a table with a thicker, tournament quality top such as the STIGA STS 185. For beginner and intermediate players or players that are just looking to play recreationally, this is a great table and it comes at a really amazing price.