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Affordable, good control and rubber for the price


Lower quality sponge lacks in speed and power

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The DHS Quick-attack Table tennis racket is a great intermediate-level racket with good weight to it and really sticky rubber. It's capable of putting some serious spin on the ball and offers a great value at this price point.


  • DHS X series 4 star long handle/shakehand rackets, updated completely with carbon material
  • Specially selected wood, equipped with carbon fiber and classic rubber
  • Bigger sized blade moves sweet spot forward
  • Comfortable handle for improved control
  • Carbon material with elasticity to improve speed

Balance and Overall Feel

The DHS Quick-attack features the NEO Hurricane 2 rubber. While the Hurricane 2 rubber is not quite as tacky as Hurricane 3, it's still really sticky and a great choice for defending. This rubber alone costs north of $20 and so the fact that the Quick-attack includes this rubber is a phenomenal value.

Moreso than probably any racket in this price-range, the hurricane 2 rubber can put some serious spin on the ball. This, coupled with the carbon blade, make this an excellent paddle geared towards a defensive and spin focused player.

The rubber can be so sticky that you'll notice dust and other debris sticking to it, so it's important to keep it clean, using a paper towel or soft micro-fiber cloth to wet and pat dry the rubber.

The build quality of this paddle is pretty good, but some quality control issues have been reported. It's possible that the connection between the head and handle can be a bit weak, so that's something to keep in mind.

The speed of this paddle is definitely on the slow side. It does not have a top-quality sponge, which can reduce the overall speed and power of this racket.


The DHS Quick-attack is a solid racket that is a great choice for intermediate-level players wanting more spin and control in their game. It offers exceptional rubber at this price-point and is capable of serious spin. It definitely lacks in the speed department though.


  • Great rubber gives amazing spin at this price point
  • Slower speed can give players better control
  • Good value


  • Racket lacks in overall speed/power
  • Potential quality control and smell issues