Quality of Table Top
3.8 / 5
Strength of Frame
4 / 5
Extra Features
3.9 / 5
4 / 5
Overall Score
4 / 5


Weather resistant materials, heavy duty chassis and legs


Terrible assembly process and instructions, could be sturdier

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The Butterfly TW24B Outdoor is a family-friendly table tennis table aimed at beginner to intermediate players. It features a very strong and weatherproof synthetic laminate top (SLT) that will not warp or change due to changes in temperature and humidity. In addition to the weather proof top, the Butterfly TW24B Outdoor features:


  • 1-1/2-inch steel railing rim, 1-inch round steel legs, and welded chassis
  • Two safety levers on each table side provide an effective child safety feature
  • Folds into the playback and storage positions without removing the net and post
  • Net and post set included; 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects
Butterfly TW24B Outdoor Playback Mode

Table Construction

Weighing in at around 150 pounds, the Butterfly TW24B Outdoor is relatively light for an outdoor table. This is both a good and a bad thing. It's an upside in that the table is comfortable to maneuver and with the easily accessible safety levers on each side, one person can set up the table with minimal effort. The downside is that when folded up for storage, this table can be easily blown over by a gust of wind or roll away in a storm. Make sure that you have a place sheltered from the wind to store this table and that you secure it somehow so that it doesn't tip over or roll away.

The Butterfly TW24B consists of a pretty standard 1-1/2 inch steel rim and smallish 1-inch steel legs which are mounted away from the edge of the table to allow for better footwork around the table. It comes with a relatively light chassis that holds up the 1/4-inch thick synthetic laminate top and features large, 5-inch double wheels to allow the table to easily roll across most outdoor surfaces. The table also comes with dual cross beams that help secure all four steel legs that help to keep the table's shape and add extra stability to it during play. It also can be setup in playback mode, with one side folded up and the other folded down (for practice and individual play) without having to remove the net and post, which is a nice convenience.

Storage of the Butterfly TW24B is extremely easy. German-made safety levers on each side of the table can be used to fold up both sides to a small size of 71-inches long by 25-inches wide by 73.5-inches tall. The TW24B can be rolled into the garage, basement or other storage area and out of the way.

Butterfly TW24B Outdoor Storage

Playing Experience

Like most outdoor table tennis tables with synthetic tops, the bounce is very different from traditional indoor tables. This should be expected because the indoor table top material (MDF) cannot be used outside due to issues with humidity and warping. However, most players are familiar with the feeling of playing on an outdoor table and while it's a different and less consistent bounce, it's something you can get used to.

The Butterfly TW24B offers a very stable playing surface. The steel cross beams and strong chassis support the top so that even during heavy play, the table stays steady.

Assembly Process

One of the biggest complaints about the Butterfly TW24B Outdoor is the assembly process. It's extremely involved and finding the right parts to use is extremely difficult. The Butterfly TW24B comes with a universal assembly kit that applies to a wide range of Butterfly tables, so it's hard to know exactly which part needs to be used for this model. Using the wrong part can make the table less stable, less safe and impact overall performance so it's important to get it right.

To make things even worse, the assembly instructions are absolutely terrible. They simply consist of diagrams without any text at all and are hard to interpret (especially when you have a huge pile of parts, some of which are not even used for this table). Most people should probably dedicate at least a few hours to assembling this table, and they should know that it is definitely not a straightforward process.


The Butterfly TW24B is a mid-tier outdoor table tennis table with a good mix of quality materials and convenience features. It's a pretty good table for use on the patio or by the pool and is built by on the top brands in table tennis, Butterfly. However, the difficult assembly process and relatively high price for this level of quality means that it might not be the best pick for an outdoor table of this caliber.