If you love ping pong but you just don’t have the space for a full regulation size table, a smaller, more portable sized ping pong table might be just what you need. A regular table comes in at around 9ft long by 5 ft wide (according to the ITTF ), and requires an extra several feet on each side and more than a few feet on each end (if you want to allow for competitive play away from the table). This is simply too big for many of us that don’t have a bonus room or basement space that will work for a playing area.

Also, even if you do have the space for a full sized table, a ping pong table can be a great source of entertainment to take with you camping or just to a party. Often times it starts with ping pong and ends with “other” types of games involving the table.

We’ve tried many of the different portable ping pong tables out there, and to be honest many of them are shoddily put together gimmicks that are really not worth buying. Below is a list of some of the better portable ping pong tables:

Good Portable Table Tennis Tables

Joola Midsize Table
JOOLA MidsizeViper Portable Table Tennis TopMaster Pong Miniature Ping Pong Table SetPark & Sun Mini Table Tennis TableJoola MiniPong
Thickness : 3/4"Thickness : Thickness : Thickness : Thickness : 3/8 inch
Frame : Sturdy folding legsFrame : Small plastic legsFrame : Retractable aluminum legsFrame : Small plastic legsFrame : Small plastic legs
Wheels : NoneWheels : NoneWheels : NoneWheels : NoneWheels : None
Storage : 72" x 36"Storage : 28" x 14" x 4" Storage : 28" x 31" x 2" Storage : 28" x 14" x 4" Storage : 28" x 14" x 4"
Playback : NoPlayback : NoPlayback : NoPlayback : NoPlayback : No
Outdoor : NoOutdoor : YesOutdoor : YesOutdoor : YesOutdoor : Yes
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The Best Portable Table

By far, the best portable ping pong table out there is the Joola Midsize table. It’s the only table in this class that actually provides a competitive playing experience, a good consistent bounce and is still relatively portable and lightweight. On top of all that, Joola Midsize is still affordable and a very good value for a table of this quality.

Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table Folded

The Joola Midsize is 71 inches long and approximately 36 inches wide which is just 2/3 the width of a regulation sized table. The table also stands at the regulation height of 30 inches tall, so it still feels very close to a full sized ping pong table. The table can be folded up easily for storage and it only weighs around 60 pounds so it’s easy to position into place. it can be separated into two free-standing tables as well, which is a nice convenience feature and allows each half to be stored separately.

The bottom line is that if your looking for a good portable table tennis table, you should just buy the Joola Midsize. No other portable table is going to offer the level of quality and the playing experience that this table will. The table even has a 3/4 inch high quality MDF top that rivals many regulation tables that are 3 or 4 times more expensive. It’s a great portable table at a good price.